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There's music on both sides of the tape


Side A: The Filmmaker

From experimenting with the family camcorder as a youth, rotoscoping lightsabers in Photoshop as a teen in shaky Star Wars fan videos, and later running his university's television network, Sanj has always been, and continues to be passionate about filmmaking.


Side B: The Lawyer

A law graduate of the London School of Economics and New York University School of Law, Sanj trained as a human rights and criminal defence barrister at Doughty Street Chambers. He has worked for NGOs and taught law at university.

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Sanj's supernatural legal TV drama pilot was described by The Black List reviewers as "head and shoulders above most procedural pilots", and "highly original and engaging" with a "remarkably well-developed and sympathetic female lead”.

Sanj has written legal arguments for cases in English and foreign courts, and has published in a peer-reviewed journal. An essay he wrote on human rights and cultural relativism, which won first prize in the UK Law Society's essay competition, can be read here.