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Sanj writes a broad variety of creative works, from scripts for film, TV and stage to short fiction.

Science fact and fiction play a big part in Sanj's stories, and some of them are inspired by his former life as a human rights barrister.

Click to read more about Sanj's writing, and check out his blog The Writes of Man below.


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Sanj recently acted in a sold-out production of Stephen Sondheim's COMPANY, playing the role of David, at The Ditch in Shoreditch, London.

He also recently played a part in To Trend on Twitter, an awesome movie by Andy Wooding that'll raise funds for child cancer relief.



With over a decade's experience of video editing, Sanj is also a capable After Effects animator, and is currently working on some 2D animated short films.

Check out Sanj's Vimeo page.


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Passionate about the power of film music to evoke feeling and embody characters, Sanj writes cinematic-style pieces, and is currently writing a musical about the life of Sir Isaac Newton.

Read Sanj's article on John Williams and music theory at The Bearded Trio.

Watch/listen to a film score sample here, and listen to Sanj's compositions on Soundcloud.